Friday, 4 July 2014

Doug with Tom and Will
We had a lovely time with the Crozier family, Will, Sarah, Tom and Charlie. Will is Doug's best friend from Australia and it was great for them to catch up and for Doug to see his Godson, Tom. Will has been bravely fighting a battle with cancer and if anyone can win, he can. He is a King amongst men. A top guy and we will look forward to seeing them all again soon, either when we go to Oz or when they come back to the UK.
Whilst they were here they had a good look around the surrounding estate and were blown away with the beauty of it. They were horrified to hear about the fact that the High Speed Railway was set to go bang through the middle of it, and the fact that it was being mainly funded by the Chinese. Will has had a lot to do with the Chinese with his business in Australia and believes we are right to be concerned about their motives and whether they will actually come up with the money as promised and why they should want to fund such a 'White Elephant' in the first place. Their insidious financial control over our energy, nuclear power and infrastructure I find deeply worrying.
For example, Li Keqiang the PM of China recently visited the UK and insisted on having a meeting with the Queen. When he was told that that was not possible as he wasn't head of state China issued a direct "threat of cancellation" unless he could see the Queen. The UK government immediately conceded and he was allowed his meeting. If we make concessions on this, what concessions will we make it in the future?. This is just the thin edge of the wedge - What will they be demanding next time? We are sucking up to a power crazy country who has an appalling record on human rights and are in danger of completely compromising our principles out of greed. Very worrying....

Peaceful Edgcote countryside before HS2

We were really pleased with the way Velvet Cloud ran on Wednesday at Worcester coming third to two very good horses in a Novice hurdle race. The jockey, Peter Carberry was really pleased with her attitude and said that she absolutely loves jumping and as soon as she sees a fence just grabs hold of the bridle and is off. He knew he wouldn't beat the two front horses so he wasn't too hard on her and she finished really well and is full of herself now.
We will talk to Carol about her future plans but I am rather keen to have her back pointing next season as I just love her attitude and she has shown us enough for us to want to continue with her. She's not very big but jumps like a stag and has a heart of a lion. I wish they were all like that