Sunday, 20 July 2014

Puppies at three weeks old - Sleepy, Feisty and Fatty

Spud the proud father with his son

Just a quick catch up. The puppies are growing up quickly and oh so gorgeous!

Oxford river cruise at sunset
On Friday evening we went on the Oxford river cruise and watched the sun going down whilst having a lovely meal on a cruising boat. It was beautiful.
The weather has been stiflingly hot these past few days and it was lovely to be catching the breeze as we went along.
I have been flat out with office work, gardening, the shepherd hut and stable cottage both of which have been fully booked for these last few weeks. So much so that we have invested in another hut which Doug and Dickie have been working on. It is coming along very nicely and I will take photos of it as soon as it is out of the workshop.
On Thursday evening we went to 'Mad Laura's' for supper - She and Johnny live in the village so we took the quad across the fields. It was a great meal by the pool but Doug must have had a little too much pink as when we got back he took the key out of the ignition and now can't find it anywhere! We have turned the house upside down trying to find it but with no luck and the quad looks as though its not going anywhere for a while as getting a new key isn't exactly easy and we haven't a spare one. Just as well it isn't his busy period spraying....
I am going for my annual trip to Cornwall for a couple of days and then visiting a very good friend of mine on the way back who lives in Devon and who sadly has recently been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease. So much to do so must dash...