Friday, 16 October 2015

No further empty saddles to report - All horses have been doing core strength work with lots of trotting up hills and long hacks. We are still a bit short of jockeys as Pete and Toby are tractor driving and wont be finished until the beginning of November but we have a lovely team of girls and Harry (our crash dummy) who has been a great help. We took Jess, Dancer, Jake and Goody out to see hounds on Wednesday as they were cubbing near by and we were the naughty one's at the back of the bus. They got rather excited, and didn't do the standing still bit very well but it was lovely to be out and will go towards qualifying.
The trees are just beginning to lose their leaves and the colours are stunning.
It was hectic this morning with Holly and I riding most of the horses and then Nettie managed to get in for the last lot. My Dad (assistant trainer) also came for his weekly visit and to cast his expert eye over the horses (?) - he has just celebrated his eighty fifth birthday and looks younger than ever. We also had a lady (Juliet) who came to pick up Subo, our very slow 7 yr old mare whom I advertised on Horses4Homes and who has slight stringhalt which is why she was free to a good home. It is a great charity where they make sure that the right people are matched to the right horses and the new owners sign a contract promising to give the horse a good forever home.
I did the same with Doris (Velvet Shadow) as her injured leg was never going to stand up to racing, and her new owner, Jayne, absolutely loves her and Doris can't believe her luck as she is wonderfully spoiled with a different rug for every occasion, lots of treats and just gentle hacking about. At this stage I am very proud of the fact that all my ex racehorses have gone on to wonderful homes after they have retired.
Doris - happily rehomed