Monday, 19 October 2015

 The weekend was marred by the very sad and sudden death of our landlord and good friend, Mr David Allen. He went into hospital on Wednesday, seemed to rally on Thursday but then developed a high temperature and passed away on Friday. Our huge condolences go to his wife, Ann and his three children Colin, Martin and Julie. We miss him dreadfully so I can only imagine how they must feel.
David was an exceptional person and words cannot express how much respect and admiration we had for him. He came to our owners morning on the 4th October and I have never seen him so cheerful and upbeat. . I have a lasting memory of him happily sitting in the yard enjoying an ice lolly and saying that he hadn't had one of these since he was a boy. It was the simple things he loved and although he was a very astute, influential and dynamic businessman he got a huge amount of pleasure from mixing with 'ordinary' people whom he would make feel very special and for whom he always had time for. He was warm, humerous, generous, highly intelligent, energetic and unique and will never be forgotten,
He was a man among men.
Sunset over Edgcote
Edgcote House
He took a huge amount of pride in his wonderful house and gardens and never stopped planting and planning new schemes to enhance the estate. On the last Friday of every month after harvest he had a drinks party in the 'Big House' for the tenants and people who worked on the estate. He also had the most amazing annual Christmas party and Summer garden party.All of of which were eagerly anticipated and very much appreciated and which were wholeheartedly relished by him. His enthusiasm for life was inexhaustible.
He was such a remarkable man and it is heartbreaking that he is no longer with us. David, we will all miss you terribly. Rest in peace.