Sunday, 17 July 2016

It is three years ago today since my very brave and courageous Mum passed away. She is still very much missed. However, it has been great to have Jay home for a week from her travels . At the moment she is the chef on a catamaran that is sailing around the South Pacific looking for the best surf for kite surfing in the most remote places. Before that she was trekking for six weeks in the Himalayas, she got offered the chef job whilst she was at the furthest point and to get back in time before the boat  left the port she had to trek for six days on her own, and only just made it. It was worth it though as she is loving it and is able to join in with the surfing and snorkeling with the guests who, so far, have been really good fun.
Dad came for lunch today. He is coping remarkably well but like the rest of us misses Mum dreadfully.

Dad and Jay with Grandson Archie