Monday, 15 August 2016

Very proud of GB but feeling slightly jaded as I couldn't drag myself away from the Andy Murray v Del Potro tennis match last night and then I had to watch the most amazing Usain Bolt who didn't run until 2.30 am, The Murray match was exhausting and incredibly emotional with both players having given their all and in floods of tears at the end. I'm not a huge Murray fan but you have to give him full credit for his steely grit and determination. Can you believe GB though? Second in the medal table at this stage - Can this be true??!! It wasn't so long ago when the joke was that there should be a tiddlywinks competition at the Olympics and even then GB would struggle to win. To think that we are beating countries like China in gymnastics when it was unheard of for a British person to even qualify not so long ago is absolutely incredible.
Anyway, this Summer is flying past. I have been really busy with the shepherd huts (we now have 5) and our latest edition is called the Beach shepherd hut and is already proving to be a real hit with the guests. Doug bought it from ebay and then completely gutted it and gave it a lovely beachy look