Sunday, 6 May 2018

Poor Paddy our stable jockey has had a nasty accident. He took a spare ride for someone at Hackwood Park, the horse fell and landed on top of him and he has broken two vertebrae in his back. He has just come out of five hour surgery, where they have plated and wired him up but sadly he won't be riding for the rest of the season. He was very much missed today at Dingley when Claire got unseated from Murphy (Glory Hunter) who basically jumped her out of the saddle and then proceeded to do the full three miles, jumping most of the jumps and finishing in front and Memphis with Will on board got left behind at the start and just did one circuit. These two horses were obviously missing their normal pilot. Babbiloora did much better than expected and came second and Top Garry came fourth. He was right out the back and left with rather a lot to do, but was just making a move when he was very nearly brought down by another horse. Page did well to keep him on his feet and he did well not to fall. 
It was the most beautiful day and there was some fabulous racing - Everyone was very sweet about Popaway's win and were very complimentary about the way she ran. She certainly seems to be the 'people's favourite'
Claire (who actually is a very good jockey) is coming to school Kingsley tomorrow - We will then walk the course at Mollington to see what the ground is like and give him a run if we are happy with it. It is drying out so quickly. We were really hoping to run Burrows Spring but she seems to have pulled a muscle in her shoulder as she was very stiff this morning. She has got such a big engine and tries so hard, but her chassis cannot quite take the work. Very frustrating as she is a fabulous mare.
Supper is calling - It has been a very long day....