Friday, 29 June 2018

We had a lovely new arrival at 1am this morning - The Midnight Legend maiden mare (Squeak) gave birth to a lovely filly which we have called Mary, after Mary Taylor whose bull we used.(Oooops, Stallion not bull. You can tell I am more used to cattle breeding!) I arrived seconds after she had popped out which was just as well as the Kayf Tara filly (Spider) who is due any day went absolutely mad when the foal tried to get up and seemed intent on killing it - She just didn't understand what this little wobbly thing was and got very aggressive. Needless to say she is in a different field now.
Mary - Just 13 hours old


The other great news is that Popaway is in foal!! That is three out of three of the mares we took to Yorton stud that have been pregnancy tested as positive. We have yet to pick up Dream and Dove who are running with the stallion at present.
We are going to have some fun (?) foaling next season with five mares,
The heatwave continues and I am sneaking down to the river whenever I can for a swim. Bliss....