Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The wonderful Popaway  - Bottle of champagne given by the PPOA for her fabulous win at Cheltenham.
She is now back at Roy and Carol's for her much deserved summer holiday.

Carol and Roy - The loveliest of owners and what fun we have had!!

It was such a massive relief to get Popaway scanned for the final time before her October scan and see the heartbeat of her foal - Absolutely amazing. To get her to Roy's all in one piece, safe and well was a wonderful feeling. You can see by the side view that she has already let herself down nicely and already looks like a 'Mum to be'  To celebrate her 20 wins and the safe end to a fabulous career we all had a glass  of champagne whilst watching her gallop round the field with her boyfriend, Billy, and Roy and Carol treated us to a lovely meal in the local pub.
What a wonderful mare she has been and one that has never stopped giving. We didn't for one moment think she would be so easy to get in foal as she has always been so dominant and 'testosterone fuelled' but now she has decided it is time to have babies and behave in a more ladylike fashion!  We put her to Pethers Moon as Doug and Roy were so impressed with how correct he was when they went to Yorton stud with Velvet Steel, supposedly to see Blue Bresil but they couldn't take their eyes off Pethers Moon and so we changed out minds. This is only his second season at Yorton and apparently some French trainers have already bought all of his first crop. Very exciting....
Talking of foals I am rapidly going off this broodmare lark with Spider absolutely refusing to give birth. She is obsessed with food and that seems to be all she cares about. Because there is no grass in the top paddock we are feeding her and Squeak and that seems to be her main focus even though she is now well over her date. She has waxed and has run milk a few days ago but resolutely refuses to oblige. What she clearly doesn't realise is that as soon as she has her baby we have a field full of grass just waiting for them both. Mary (quite contrary) is growing like a weed and is a real character. She lives up to her name. She will love a playmate to gallop round the field with as it is rather boring doing it on her own....