Sunday, 5 July 2020

Kingsley in his new home
As we have got some lovely youngsters coming along and we are somewhat uncertain about the future with HS2 I have been advertising our not so fast 'racehorses' for rehoming and have found wonderful 'forever homes' for Kingsley and Ted Thistle. Kingsley has gone to a lovely girl called Anna from Shropshire and Ted has gone to Amy from Surrey - They have already contacted me a number of times to say how delighted they are with them and how well they have settled in. It is so rewarding to find such good homes for them and to know that they have a home for life.
Kingsley and Anna (he hadn't been ridden for nearly a year and was as good as gold)


Ted with his new friend, 28 year old Bugsy
Ted with his new owner, Amy

We have just one more to find a lovely home for, and that is Murphy (Glory Hunter) He is slightly more complicated as he is more 'race horsey' in that he is more highly strung. I love riding him though as he is nicely forward going. I had two awful horsey girls come to see him yesterday and I have to say I took an instant dislike to them - They came dressed to the nines in their jodhpurs and shiny riding boots (all the gear and no idea) asked some really 'clever' questions in a sneering way and then refused to sit on him! I ended up riding him around the field in my wellington boots - I found it highly amusing that they were half my age and hadn't had new hips and knees (as I have)  and yet they were too scared to get on. As it happened he behaved like a lamb but I didn't want them to have him and told them so. I think I may have mentioned to them that I thought they were 'Wet'. A little Tourette moment..

Glory Hunter - Had a lucky escape!