Sunday, 12 July 2020

Murphy (Glory Hunter) has found a forever home with Amy from Gloucester. She has got him on a three week trial but has already contacted me to say how well he has settled in and how chilled he is and how much she likes him. I am delighted as he was a special boy to me as he was rather quirky and I enjoyed the challenge with him but was worried about whether he would fit in anywhere else. So, that is four of my lovely boys - Budge, Kingsley, Ted and Murphy who have found wonderful forever homes. Budge went to Claire Shuckburgh who absolutely loves him and is going to do little events with him as well as team chasing. I hate parting with horses and want to keep them all but there is a limit I guess....

Murphy making friends with his new 'mum' Amy
Doctor Kingsley went to Roy's today for his Summer holiday - Popaway normally goes but because she has a foal it wouldn't be fair for Roy to have that responsibility so he has got the pleasure of Jake to keep his horse, Billy company. Roy has just phoned to say that Jake is really settled and has made friends with Billy, so all good.
On Tuesday, the vet came to sketch the foals, take blood and chip them. They are getting rather large so it was all Doug could do to hang on to them, but it went surprisingly smoothly. The two girls were probably the naughtiest with Bertha squealing like a pig and Bubble leaping and fighting against being restrained but all done now.