Tuesday, 9 August 2011

It has been another pretty intensive day with the horses - the three 'outsiders' and Spider were all mouthed today with Subo (fat and hairy) long reined. They all went really well and are beginning to act less like wild mustangs and more like well mannered horses. Very satisfying. Amy is coming in tomorrow to get on Cloud, Dolly and Eeyore.
We sent out the invites to our Open Day today which is going to be on the 28th August - it's going to be fairly low-key and a bit of fun - hopefully the youngsters will be ready to have a little pop over the hurdle which could be entertaining.
It's been lovely weather lately and I've been doing a lot of swimming in the river. I don't think I've got time to pop down there before supper - must rush as have been in the office for too long....